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Next Generation Assessments: Why Online?
North Carolina has provided online assessments since 2005 when the administration of the computer skills test was completely online. The goal is that by 2014-15, all assessments will be administered online; this includes a new generation of assessments for grades 3-8 and high school subjects, as well as the SMARTER Balanced Assessments that will be online in 2014-15. Moving to an online delivery of assessments aligns with efforts already underway to provide online instructional resources, online formative and benchmark assessments, and online training and professional development for teachers. One other important reason that North Carolina plans to transition to online assessments is to take advantage of computer adaptive testing. As a governing member in the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, North Carolina plans to adopt the common assessments developed by the consortium, which are being designed in a computer adaptive format.

SBAC 2.1.12: Sample Items and Chance to Provide Feedback:

Presentation about online assessment:

What might computer assisted testing look like?

Open the many types of samples items that are possibilities here

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Next Generation of Assessments: NC Test

As part of the Next Generation of Assessments, North Carolina aims to have all assessments online by the 2014-15 school year. NCTest v2.5 is the web browser-based testing system that will serve as the web application used to deliver online statewide summative assessments for the North Carolina Testing Program for the 2011-12 school year. NCTest v2.5 presents test questions that match or are comparable to the appearance of items on paper forms while keeping the bandwidth footprint very low.

More information is available on our website at in the NCTest brochure at

A tutorial is available to familiarize test administrators and students with the functional components of the online assessment system at this link. We strongly encourage all students to complete the tutorial prior to test day. The tutorial is available to the public and features sample tests for each of the various content areas that have online assessments.

Next Generation of Assessments: Test Specifications

Specifications for the Next Generation of Assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics and the North Carolina Essential Standards for Science are now available. Information on the prioritization of the standards, cognitive rigor, item complexity, item types, and assessment delivery modes is included. You can find the new test specifications on our website at by clicking here.

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4) NC Education - (includes tutorials and other informative links – will be the way to access NC FALCON, Online Writing Instruction, Primary Artifact Questions (PAQs), NC Test, etc.)

5) Online Assessment Tutorial - through NC Education)

What might electronic assessment look like?

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Computer Assisted Testing - samples

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