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Math - - Grades 4, 7 and Alg 1:

NCDigIns Available for Formative Math Assessment
NCDigIns was developed nearly two years ago when North Carolina teachers analyzed about 450 released test questions in grades 4, 7 and Algebra I to discover:
  • What are the common reasons for incorrect answers?
  • What problem-solving steps are important for this question?
  • What are key skills to understand and review?
  • What are sources for more practice?

Key for every question in NCDigIns is the one-page Problem Solving Strategy sheet, based on Polya’s heuristic. Since NCDigIns went live in October 2010, many NC teachers have reported that the material and approach are very beneficial. Once teachers are familiar with NCDigIns, they can use the framework for new problems and develop, with their class, richer answers to the four questions above.

Take a look! Visit, then click the login button at the upper right. Click on the NCDigIns link over in the group on the right. Choose grade 4, 7 or Algebra I. Then select an objective. Most objectives have five questions each.

Plans are now being made to expand NCDigIns to align with the new Common Core Standards.

MORE INFO: Michael Gallagher,

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K-2 Math Assessment:

NCDPI is currently revising the current K-2 Math Assessments to align with the Common Core State Standards. As part of this work, the K-2 Math Assessment Committee is interested in learning from LEAs who have already begun developing and using locally developed K-2 math assessments that are aligned to the CCSS as a way to inform the work of this state committee. If your LEA is interested in supporting, please send all pertinent assessment documents electronically to Amy Scrinzi via email: by February 20, 2012. Thank you for your support.

The K-2 Assessment Committee anticipates that the K-2 Math Assessments will be available to LEAs in June 2012. For additional information regarding K-2 assessments, please join us for a K-2 webinar on March 8 from 3:30 - 4:30. Be on the lookout for webinar registration information in the coming weeks.

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New and Revised Resources Added to the ACRE Website
Several resources have been added recently to the Accountability Curriculum and Reform Effort (ACRE) website.
- Sample graphic organizers for Common Core and Essential Standards. Content-specific organizers for the Essential Standards are available in draft form for Arts Education, World Languages, Social Studies, Science and Healthful Living at this link. Sample graphic organizers for the Common Core subjects English Language Arts and Math are available in draft form at this link.

Revised Elementary Math:

-Revised unpacking standards for first and second-grade mathematics. Unpacking standards for first and second-grade mathematics have been updated and added to the Common Core Instructional Support Tools website at Unpacking standards are documents for educators that define the skills students must master to accomplish specific goals. The documents list the essential standards for each grade level and subject, and provide detailed examples on how to teach a standard.

Suggested High School Sequencing (Math, ELA and Social Studies):
(3.12.12 - - link not working; I will check on is what I had saved from math: sequencing info.pdf

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