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Measures of Student Learning Timeline:

MSL Timeline (as of June 2012)

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Our state's work is based on the Measures of Effective Teaching research which is funded by the Gates Foundation

UPDATE: 6.4.12:

Standards Six and Eight can now be found in the online educator evaluation tool. The State Board of Education has approved the language for the new standards on student growth, the rating categories, and the 2011 – 2012 weighting of the components in the standards. Please note the following:
·For 2011 – 2012, a school executive’s eighth standard rating is based on school-wide growth as calculated with EVAAS. A teacher in a subject area or grade with an EOC, EOG, or CTE Post-Assessment will have a sixth standard rating with 70 percent weight on that teacher’s individual EVAAS value-added score and 30 percent weight on the school-wide growth score from EVAAS. A teacher in subject area or grade without an EOC, EOG, or CTE Post-Assessment will have a sixth standard rating based on the school-wide growth score from EVAAS.
·The Department of Public Instruction will complete the sixth and eighth standard ratings after the results of the 2011 – 2012 testing program have been finalized and approved by the State Board of Education, and the EVAAS value-added scores have been calculated. This population should take place in mid-August 2012.
·After that time, educators who access their summary rating form from 2011 – 2012 will see the sixth or eighth standard rating completed on the form.
·The information above is related to the yearly sixth and eighth standard rating. More information about educator status and the three-year average of teacher value-added scores will be released soon.

Please direct questions to Jennifer Preston, Race to the Top Project Coordinator for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness, at 919-807-4187 or

WRESA Update 5.18.12:

Update: March 2012

Draft of Status Pages for Teachers:


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Latest on reporting and SBE considerations: (1.26.12)

Weekly Message to Superintendents: Monday, Jan. 23, 2012
Where exactly are the new educator effectiveness data that were just released last Friday? The data are linked to the North Carolina School Report Cards, but since the information became available a bit later in the year, the link to the effectiveness data has only been live since Friday. Here’s how to get to the data: first, from the district page, click on the tab for Quality Teachers and Administrators (on the individual school page you would click on the Quality Teachers tab). Near the bottom of that page is a Teacher and Administrator Effectiveness Results paragraph with a link. Click on the link and then on the left side of the page, select the correct alphabetical range to find your district. Once on your district’s page, you will see each school in your district. Or for a really quick click, bookmark the following address: .

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