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August 2 and 13, 2012
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Abbreviated Evaluation Option
The State Board of Education has further clarified the requirements for an abbreviated [[#|teacher]] evaluation. According to Board policy approved in July, principals may decide to conduct an abbreviated evaluation of career-status teachers who are not in their license renewal year. As part of the abbreviated evaluation, teachers complete a self-assessment and a professional development plan. An administrator then conducts a minimum of two informal observations and comments on the teacher’s performance on Standards One and Four during that time.
An informal observation consists of a minimum of 20 minutes in the classroom. At the end of the year, the teacher and the evaluator meet for a summary evaluation conference, and the principal completes a summary rating form with ratings for Standards One, Four, and Six.
The attached PDF file (comparison chart above) provides a summary of evaluation requirements. Teachers may request a formal observation if they so desire.
Please note that the abbreviated evaluation is only an option. Principals may always elect to complete a full evaluation for any teacher, especially if there are existing performance concerns. McREL, a partner vendor in the evaluation project, is currently making changes to bring the abbreviated evaluation online in the next few weeks.
MORE INFO: We know that there are many questions about the new evaluation, so please contact Jennifer Preston, Race to the Top Project Coordinator for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness, at or (919) 807-4187