Important Information Concerning the Governor's Teacher Network is located on the Governor's Teacher Network website
Good teaching motivates students to learn. Good teachers inspire each other when they share their most innovative and creative practices.
With this in mind, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, in partnership with the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has established the Governor's Teacher Network (GTN). This initiative, funded by the state’s Race to the Top grant, will provide a statewide platform for teachers to share their best work around instruction and professional development and help advance Race to the Top (RttT) funded educational remodeling efforts across the state.
Through the GTN, approximately 450 outstanding teachers from across North Carolina will be selected to serve for one year as instructional and professional development experts and facilitators. Network Teachers remain in their current roles but will also work to gain a deeper understanding of the State's RttT-funded work in one of two "pathways," both related to the establishment of Home Base.
Network teachers will be selected through a rigorous application process; will receive specialized training related to their projects, and support from NCDPI staff over the course of the year; and will be paid $10,000 for their work. Beginning in summer 2014, these teachers will serve for one year developing projects that support key RttT initiatives (professional development and digital instructional resources for Home Base) in their schools and districts. Network teachers will remain in their current roles, but will also design and deliver individual projects that address needs in the classroom, school or LEA level. These projects will fit within one of two pathways:
  • Pathway 1: Professional Development
    Teachers will create professional development sessions and materials (face-to-face, webinars and online modules) to address classroom instructional needs and increase the PD offerings in the state-wide Professional Development system in Home Base.

  • Congratulations to our Region 8 Educators selected for Pathway 1 in the Governor's Teacher Network!

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  • Pathway 2: Instructional Resources
    Teachers will create instructional sequences for Home Base that are aligned to the N C Standard Course of study and that consist of unit plans, lesson plans that seamlessly integrate the formative assessment process in daily practice, at least one benchmark assessment/quiz , and a final classroom summative assessment.