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BB&T Leadership Institute: Tuition-Free Leadership Development for North Carolina Public School Principals and Central Office Leaders

Over 100 North Carolina principals have completed Mastering Leadership Dynamics for Educational Leaders - a highly experiential program where participants engage in learning how beliefs drive behaviors, and ultimately create results. Each has walked away equipped to make a significant difference in their leadership – and in their schools. Several sessions of the workshop are scheduled this summer and throughout the 2015-2016 school year. This program is a perfect complement to your existing professional and leadership development initiatives, and also stands on its own as an effective way to focus on the one constant in every leadership interaction – YOU! For additional information or to register, please contact Ros Guerrie at or visit our website at

A special invitation for those who have already attended – don’t forget to register for Leading Change with Purpose, the first in a series of summer leadership development workshops at The BB&T Leadership Institute. The BB&T Leadership Institute is honored to support your contribution to developing and shaping the future of our children by providing these leadership development experiences tuition-free!

Western Region 8 to become Western Region (Prosperity Zone):
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NCDPI: Educator Effectiveness Model

High Quality Online PD Modules: Available Now!
Please take advantage of our self-paced, facilitated modules and mini-modules available to teachers and principals at no charge! You may click here to access a printable version of current modules: All modules may be accessed through the Educator Effectiveness PD System through Home Base. In addition, you may get ideas for staff and PLCs using the implementation guide, found Over 50 professional development opportunities are listed here for your educators.

PowerSchool Webinars and Trainings on NCDPI Calendar
Please check the NCDPI events calendar for upcoming trainings:

One-Stop NCDPI Resource for All Educators - Wikicentral Reminder
Wikicentral provides a direct point of access for NCDPI wikis that contain resources and materials for educators of North Carolina. The wikis are managed by various divisions. They include resources related to professional development, curriculum, policy, tools and more. Please spread the word to your colleagues about this valuable site, which can be found at

North Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES)

Principal Manual for Evaluation Process

The Educator Effectiveness website can be found at:

Here you will find information about:
  • Educator Effectiveness Data
  • Measures of Student Learning
  • Student Surveys
  • NC Educator Evaluation System
  • Resources
  • State Board Policies
  • an Educator Effectiveness Directory

Online Evaluation Tool: Teacher and Principal Updates

Follow this link for upcoming webinars.

Educator Effectiveness Updates:

Myths Debunked

Measuring Growth

Status Timeline

Educator Effectiveness PPT (Ready)

  • READY Website Features FAQs for Accountability, Assessments and NCEES
    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the new Accountability model, the North Carolina Educator Evaluation System and new assessments to be used in 2012-13, have been compiled into three FAQ documents and added to the READY website. To view any of the documents please visit
  • Social Studies Website Features New Content and Links to New Standards
    • The Social Studies curriculum website was recently updated and now features links to the Essential Standards materials, updated resources and more. To see what’s new in Social Studies for North Carolina’s public school students, please visit

  • Occupational Course of Study (OCS) Standards and Resources Updated on the ACRE Website
    • New material was recently added to the Accountability and Curriculum Reform Effort (ACRE) website.
    • [[#|Courses]] for Occupational Preparation I-IV have been added to the Adopted Standards for the Occupational Course of Study (OCS) and are now available to review. These courses prepare students for future career applications. To view the latest addition to the Future Ready Occupational Course of Study, please visit
    • -Unpacking Standards and Crosswalks for the Future Ready Occupational Course of Study are now available on the ACRE website at
    • The Unpacking Standards include material related to OCS Introduction to Mathematics and OCS Algebra I. The crosswalks compare changes between the new and old standards for OCS Algebra I, Biology, English I and II.

  • New Page and Resources Available on the Teacher Effectiveness Website
    • Resources highlighting Measures of Student Learning/Common Exams, updates for teachers and the top five frequently asked questions for the month have been added to the Teacher Effectiveness website.
    • -A page devoted to the Measures of Student Learning/Common Exams that explains what they are, when they will be implemented and supporting reference material is available at

Regional Lead:
Jan King serves as the regional lead for Regions 7 and 8. Jan works with the regions to ensure the Statewide System of Support functions in a way to serve LEA's and Superintendents as well as organize Regional Round Table activities.

Contact her with questions about your district's Race to the Top Plan, budget questions surrounding your Detailed Scope of Work and other state initiatives.

Contact Information:


Jan King
(828) 606-0177external image call_skype_logo.png(828) 606-0177